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Ever wonder where those great ideas for knitting patterns came from? The art of intertwining yarn to produce knitted fabric is based on only two stitches, the knit and the purl, the obverse and reverse of one another. Amazing how many pattern variations from knitting these two stitches have been created. The earliest known knitters are the ones who knitted the socks found in Egyptian tombs. (We don't have that pattern available.) Socks and stockings were the hot items for centuries--1500's through the 1800's.

Historians claim that knitting in Europe was male-dominated. Those beautiful aran fishermen's sweaters with the unique stitching identified each fisherman. Originally, no two were alike. We now know what those guys were doing out there day after day on the boats, besides fishing. (Maybe knitting was the off-season activity.) With the formation of knitting trade guilds, as early as 1500's, and the growing popularity of knitted stockings, pattern documenting began.

Here at the Knitting Center we've searched the web to help you find what you're looking for...everything from Beginner Knitting Patterns and Free Knitting Patterns to specific requests, like Free Knitting Patterns for Hats, or the fashionable Knit Poncho Pattern and Free Knit Scarf Patterns. You will be so inspired looking at all the patterns on our site that limiting yourself to one project will be a challenge. Does any hand knitter have only one knitting project underway?


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